Will woman eventually change voice by Yu Li Hoe

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Will woman eventually change voice by Yu Li Hoe

K, i heard this from my friend, she said even girls our age are suffering from change of voice, is it true? My friend told me that my voice sounded like a 8 years old kid, and i’ma soprano myself, and i do have problem  going lower notes sometimes. There was once i read in the newspaper, it said about voice changing, and for girls it said to be only change the voice to more mature, will it help in my singing?

p/s: i’m 14 years old.

Re: Will woman eventually change voice by ST Administrator

Hi Yu Li Hoe,

Girls voices can change just as dramatically during puberty as a boys voice but the method in which it changes differs from males.  A boys voice drops and deepens – they often experience ‘breaks’ between notes and an inability to control the notes during this time – you may have noticed some of your male friends voices starting to change!

Females do not usually experience this type of dramatic change over a short period of time, but their voices change and develop just as the rest of your body will during puberty. During this period, your bones and muscles grow in ‘spurts’ which includes muscles in the neck and throat, all of which will affect the sound and tone of your voice.  Puberty often shows the most dramatic changes and can occur from between the ages of 10 and 21, depending on the individual.

This process can take longer for girls than for boys, and often have less noticable effects as the changes are smaller. Nor does this process stop after puberty as even once your body has stopped growing, your voice will change in tonal quality and with practice and training you should be able to access more of your range. Maturity and lifestyle also have affects on the voice but you don’t need to worry about that for a while yet!

As long as you don’t strain or place too much stress on your voice during your teenage and pubescent years, you shouldn’t encounter many problems but how your voice turns out is really down to a combination of genetics, lifestyle and training. Frankly, I wouldn’t worry too much about this now, just try and avoid anything that might cause harm to your voice (shouting, screaming etc.,) and be sensible (if your voice hurts don’t sing etc.,).

Nor should you worry too much if after puberty, your voice doesn’t sound as ‘nice’ or produce the same range of notes as it does now, most young singers both male and female often have to go back to the basics to allow the vocal mechanism time to refamiliarize itself and to retrain the muscle memory.

Hope this helps
ST Admin

Re: Will woman eventually change voice by Frith Trezevant


Yes, girls’ voices do change over puberty and beyond as ST Admin says in her reply.

At around 14, you may experience difficulties with range and breathiness because sometimes, with muscles and cartilages growing at different rates, a little chink develops at the back of the vocal folds.  This will close eventually as the folds grow.

The vocal folds can also thicken in response to hormone level changes, as there are cells in the mucus on the folds which will take up oestrogen, so you could notice changes at different times of the month according to your period cycle.  If your voice is particularly breathy or thickened in tone in the week before your period, don’t force it.  You won’t do your voice any good and could harm it if you try to force by squeezing the muscles around the larynx in an effort to get more/better tone.

I have had girl pupils whose voices came out of this difficult time in a matter of weeks around their 15th birthday.  Suddenly their voice is different.

Dierdre Trundle has done some important research into girls’ voice change.

Best wishes


Re: Will woman eventually change voice by Yu Li Hoe

thanks, for your advice!!! I would accept your advice with open mind

Re: Will woman eventually change voice by James Rigby

Hey Frith,

One of my professors, Dr. Lynne Gackle, is big into the study of the developing female voice. She claims that very little research has been done and is looking to get a grant to begin her own study, examining young girls and documenting their vocal change before during and after adolescence. I’ve received many lectures on the adolescent voice and, from what I can remember from my own childhood, it’s a VERY hard time and requires special care by voice teachers and choir directors.

Young students need to be reminded not to push the voice and have PATIENCE. By young I mean anything under 25 for males and 21 for females. With today’s pop culture there is such a pressure to be amazing right away or it means that you’ll never be good enough. That’s just not true. I’ve seen many ‘shaky’ singers blossom after a couple of years of college voice study.

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