Will I Adapt A Better Range by Joe Aug

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With My Voice Developing, Will I Adapt A Better Range by Joe Aug

I am a 14 year old male and i love singing, I’m just no good at it. I can sing on key, but it just doesnt sound right, and I cant reach certain notes now but im wondering if with a couple more years my voice will develop a higher range.     Thanks, Joe

Re: With My Voice Developing, Will I Adapt A Better Range by Frith Trezevant

Hi Joe

Don’t worry about your voice changing.  Although there are variations from one individual to the next, at your age you may well be in the most dramatic stage of voice change.  Have you been yodelling when you speak?  Even if you have not, your vocal range when you sing will have been lowering noticeably over the last year or so.

The lower notes get lower one by one, and the higher notes start dropping out of your range faster than the lower ones are coming in.  At the peak of change, anywhere around 13 – 14 1/2 or so, a boy’s voice may have a range of only an octave and a note, and the tone is plain.  There are very few high harmonics in the sound so it doesn’t sound like a man’s voice yet, and it’s no longer a young boy’s either.  The high harmonics give richness to the tone and make the voice carry.

Over the next few years, your voice will get stronger again, and you will have a fuller tone.  It may go up and become a tenor’s voice, or down and become a baritone or bass.  These new male voices are often called New Baritones, because sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly where they will end up and putting  a label on a young voice isn’t really a good idea.

If you sing gently with respect for this new instrument developing inside, you will encourage the growth of the muscles that are linking the growing tissues.  Gently and respectfully.  I would give the thrash metal a miss for a while.  Enjoy this plain sound.  It has its own beauty and its fragility makes it touching.

Best wishes


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