What is my vocal range help by Mel McCrystal

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What is my vocal range help by Mel McCrystal

Hey there,

I was told i can hit a note that is 2 octaves from middle c on e.

What does this mean? What is my range? :S

Also i am singing phantom of the opera and on the highest note i can just hit it but it sounds screechy? What can i do to make this sound better?

Re: What is my vocal range help by ST Administrator

Hi, It would be impossible to say for certain, but if the information included in your posting is correct, you are most likely a Soprano although the fach definition also depends on the tonal quality of the voice and not just the notes you can sing.
(see http://www.vocalist.org.uk/vocal_range_key.html ).

You mention that you can hit a note 2 octaves from middle c but to determine the actual range you will also need to know what the lowest note you can sing is as well as the highest.

It should be noted that if you are a beginner, you may have more notes in your range than you realise which can be accessed with time, maturity and training. You do not state your age or gender, which would indicate more about the potential progress of your voice (i.e., pre-pubescent males and females may have a higher range than after puberty).

The top notes probably sound screechy now because you are straining or tensing when attempting to produce them. The knack is to learn to relax, but your teacher will help you with exercises that are specific to your problems and voice type.

Hope this helps
ST Admin

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