ST Directory Update

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It has taken a couple of months but over 1000 teacher accounts and listings have been manually re-created and transferred from the old directory to the new system.

Please search the directory using your name and/or business/studio name ONLY to check if your listing has been included.

Note that unless you re-registered directly to the new system, that your username, password or email address may have been changed. It was not possible to transfer passwords and some usernames contained spaces or characters which had to be edited out.

I have always advised Members NOT to use HOTMAIL or AOL email addresses and where a new email address has been visibly displayed on their personal or teaching website, may have used this instead of the original address to re-create the account.

I AM aware that some of you have encountered difficulties logging in or retrieving your new account details – PLEASE CONTACT ME via the contact form on the Singing Teachers Directory Listing if this is the case so that I can help you access your account and listing.

If you have registered to the new system but are unable to find a listing – please check that you have submitted a listing and not just added your information to the user section as this is not the same as a public listing. Please read the Help FAQ for details on how to submit a listing or an event as this also includes information on the new features like the inclusion of images and youtube links.

The number of accounts transferred to the new directory is considerably less than the 2,500 originally held on the old database as during the process, each account and listing was researched as some went back to 2004 and so it was necessary to establish whether these Teachers and Educational Establishments were still active.

I have done my best to check each account online, however, it is possible that I may have mistakenly deleted your account and listing. I apologise if this is the case, but felt better to allow members to re-register than to transfer what appeared to be an inactive account. Apologies also to anyone who contacted me regarding transferring their account for them and yet I failed to do so – Sadly lost some emails and my memory is not what it used to be – please get back in touch or register on the site and submit a listing.

If I was unable to find a website, facebook, linkedin account or substantial evidence that verified a member was still teaching, or it appeared that the member has married, moved, failed to indicate a region of operation or include information about their teaching services on their website or other teachers listing service – then their account and listing on the directory may have been deleted.

Also note that ratings and reviews were not able to be transferred to the new system and the old directory has now been removed. A redirect from the old directory to the new system has been implemented to avoid loss of traffic.

I realise that this system will be somewhat of a learning curve to navigate but you are welcome to contact me to request help setting up your listing if you are encountering problems.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.
ST Admin

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