Painful Registration Process

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The process for registering for this new forum was the most painful I’ve had to go through. I understand security issues, but I highly doubt that what is discussed here is a matter of national security. Whew!

Admin Response
I understand your frustration but it is just a standard WordPress registration with an additional Google captcha plugin – no more or less than other sites use.

Nor is this a discussion forum – it is a directory listing site for voice teachers and schools to list their teaching services and events or to post articles based on teaching experience for the benefit of singers seeking information. The site has a Facebook page where you make ask advice but cannot guarantee that you will receive a response as sadly had to close the forum side of things a few years ago.

I have tried other systems including having no security at all only to end up spending several days at a time trying to delete all the hundreds of spam registrations, comments and posts that appear within hours. I simply cannot keep up with this and as the site is free for teachers to register and post their listings – cannot afford to pay someone else to spend days at a time trying to keep cleaning out the spammers either!

The only other option would be to close the site.


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