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Online distant learning courses and lessons

Online Singing Lessons by professional vocalist Tony O'Hora will help you to learn how to sing better. Learn how to sing rock and hit the high...

 Distance and Online Courses /  Worcestershire / 19 views

Comprehensive online educational site providing instructional and entertaining videos for singers and vocalists on singing, performing and working in the entertainment industry.

 Distance and Online Courses /  United Kingdom / 808 views

Carnatic Music classes conducted by a well qualified (M.A Music, Rank holder) and dedicated tutor who has been teaching Music for more than 22 yrs....

 Distance and Online Courses /  Tamil Nadu / 20 views

Pavlidi Vocal Academy is an online Academy for singing. We offer distance learning courses from a Foundation Certificate to a professional level Diploma. All our...

 Distance and Online Courses /  Netherlands / 19 views

KR Asoori is an Indian classical music institute that provides online training to students aspiring to learn and master various musical instruments. KR Asoori strives...

 Distance and Online Courses /  Kamataka / 19 views

Kasia Komosa


Singers, did you know that you can get much better results and achieve your goals much faster by using innovative modern methods of working with...

 Distance and Online Courses /  London / 6 views

Jayesh is a vocalist with an extra-ordinary mellifluous voice and an endearing aura of charm and elegance. His musical training had been under many Gurus...

 Distance and Online Courses /  Maharashtra / 30 views

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