Fine Tuning Your Directory Listing

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How To Create and Submit A Listing

To submit a listing to the directory, navigate from the user dashboard to the front page by scrolling up to the little house / singing teachers directory link in the top left hand side of the screen. In the next screen, hover your mouse over the ‘Directory’ link in the top navigation menu, then scroll down to ‘Submit Listing’ and click your left mouse button to select it. The submission form will display where you may enter details on your services. Use the guidelines below to help complete the form and then click the ‘Submit’ / ‘Submit for Review’ button and an administrator will check and approve your listing.

How To Edit An Existing Listing

To edit a listing, navigate from the user dashboard to the front page by scrolling up to the little house / singing teachers directory link in the top left hand side of the screen. In the next screen, hover your mouse over the ‘Directory’ link in the top navigation menu, then scroll down to ‘Manage Listings’ and click left mouse button to select it. In the next screen, click the ‘Edit’ link located on the right hand side of your listing title. The listing form will appear and when you have completed editing, there is a ‘Submit’ or Submit for Review’ or ‘Update’ button located either in the right hand side column of the screen or at the bottom of the form depending on the device you are using (PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone), which needs to be clicked to save and submit the listing for review.

Fine Tuning Your Listing

As promised, the following includes tips and advice on how to complete the listing form to enhance your listing!

Optomising your Company Title for Searching!

Your company title or business name should be kept as simple and accurate as possible, so avoid adding things like qualifications, using generic terms like ‘singing teacher’ or extraneous information as these will be removed or rejected by the admin during the review process.

EXAMPLE 1 (correct)

Company Name: Fred Bloggs


Company Name: The Voice Group

EXAMPLE 2 (incorrect)

Company Name: Fred Bloggs Bmus




Company Name: Singing Teacher


Company Name: Fred Blogs Singing Teacher

EXAMPLE 3 (may also make your listing harder to find)

Company Name: Bloggs, Fred

Most visitors do not use the alphabetical listings unless they are looking for a teacher whose name or company name are already known to them. As visitors can see that the majority of teachers listings are clearly by first name, this is most likely the first alphabetical reference they will pick. Those using the search facility may also have difficulty finding you when employing the ‘title’ search for a keyword as anyone searching for ‘Fred Bloggs’ when your listing title is written as ‘Bloggs, Fred’ will be unable to find you. This section uses a stricter search criteria than the ‘simple’ keyword search so unless the visitor uses single keywords ‘Bloggs’ or the exact combination ‘Bloggs, Fred’ it is unlikely they will find you easily unless you add the ‘name, surname’ combination to the description area.

Try to avoid using the following characters: apostrophe ‘ or ampersand & or pound sign £. These may not display correctly and can prevent your listing description from being viewed correctly. Certain characters and words are sometimes viewed by search engines as indicators like & or and and they may ‘STOP’ crawling. Also note that the inclusion of website url’s, email addresses and telephone numbers is NOT allowed in this section. Please enter those into the fields provided instead! Best practice is NOT to include an email address in your listing as this can be seen publicly and harvested by spam bots. Most sites, including this one, will provide you with a more secure contact form which uses the email address entered during registration that is hidden and not revealed to enquirers unless you choose to respond directly via your email client.

A good way of determining how easily your advert and services can be read is to go to ‘ or’ and enter your name or company name using different formats. Most teachers listed on our directory appear in the top 10 google search results when using their name or company name as keywords in the Google search box and a listing on the Singing Teachers Directory often appears above or just below that of a teachers own dedicated website!

Potential clients are most likely to search for teachers local to their home or workplace so it is important to ensure that your listing has all the right information in the address, county/state and country fields. If you offer tuition at the clients home or in other institutions or locations other than your ‘main’ contact location, this information should be added to the ‘Description’ field. The following is a good example listing:

Title: Fred Bloggs

Short Description: Singing Teacher, anytown

Description: Singing Teacher Fred Bloggs LTCL, Master of Arts (Music), Certificate
in Teaching (ABRSM), provides instruction in singing and music theory from his
studio’s located in Any Town, London and Any Town, Essex. All styles including,
classical, pop, opera, theatre are catered for and I specialise in X style in both
English and French. Group classes are offered at ‘Venue Name’ and tuition at your home is available within X miles by appointment. Tuition includes aspects of
voice production including use of healthy techniques for ‘age range’.

20.00 GBP for 1 hour individual lesson
10.00 GBP for 1/2 hour individual lesson
Reasonable rates for Group lessons available.

Address: The Studio, Any Street
Town: Any Town
County/Region: London
Country: United Kingdom

Tel: 000 000 0000
Fax: 000 000 0000

Remember that some fields are optional so it is not necessary to complete them all if you do not wish for this information to be publicly displayed, A contact email address does NOT need to be provided for visitors to contact you via the ‘Contact’ form as this uses the email address from your user account panel and is safer than displaying your email address publicly where spam bots may harvest it to send unwanted mail.

Optomising your Location for Searching!

Getting the location right is essential if you want potential students looking for a local teacher to find you. Features of the directory that use the location fields are the Search and the automatic ‘Map’ link. Both of these features work better when information is available and entered correctly so avoid adding extraneous information. If unsure or if you have problems with the map finding the correct address, open up a new tab and browse to Google Maps, then enter your address or post code and their system should display the format which should then be entered into the boxes provided.

Address Line 1: This is an ‘OPTIONAL’ field. Enter your company/studio house name/number or address here. i.e.,

3 Star House, Superstar Road, Town Name

(Do NOT enter a HOME address unless you work from home and are comfortable with allowing the address to be publicly available – even then we advise omitting the door/flat number and just using the street name or town, county to avoid identity theft).

The town/city should be entered to help visitors using our search form to find your listing when searching for teachers in their area. i.e., Maidstone. London based Teachers are advised to also include the area of London in which they operate i.e., Shoreditch

Location: This is an ‘OPTIONAL’ field.
Use the drop down box to select the ‘COUNTRY’, ‘COUNTY/REGION or STATE’ in which your service is available. Although this field is OPTIONAL – it is better to include this in your listing to ensure that visitors searching for local teachers in their area can find you! Entering a Country / County and Town will also ensure that the map displays a general location correctly in your listing. If you offer lessons in more than one location (i.e., have studios in two different towns), we suggest you use the MAIN location for your listing and include the second in the description area OR create a second listing.

Zip: This is an ‘OPTIONAL’ field. Enter your Postcode or Zip Code.
This is also used to display a link to an online map service to enable visitors to find directions or view the map location. The link to Google maps is displayed within your listing.

Alternatively, you may use the map controls to find the area then click on the Google Map red balloon, left click on it and keep holding the left mouse button down while you drag it to the area you provide services in. Note that whilst this will show on the map in your listing, if the location is not entered into the relevant fields above the map, your listing will not be returned in search results when visitors search by location only.

If your teaching services are not based at a physical address i.e., online skype lessons or live streaming video / voip – then tick the ‘Don’t Show The Map’ box.


Address Line 1: Birmingham and surrounding areas
City/Town: Birmingham/London, Oxford and Manchester
County/Region/State: London
Country: United Kingdom
Zip/Post Code:


The Studio, Any Street, Any Town

Location: Country : County/Region

Zip/Post Code: NW1 1NG

Entering too much or incorrect information into these fields may cause either the search or the automatic mapping to fail. Both require details to follow a format so entering more than one city/town name into the field will cause your listing NOT to display in the search results or return so far down the listings that visitors will be unable to find you. The same applies to the zip/post code field.

If you provide teaching services in several locations, we advise you to enter your head office or main location of operation into the location fields, then use the ‘full description’ field to include other areas in which you provide teaching services or submit another listing with the second address. The search system will then find your listing.

The Google Map system is somewhat buggy – apparently they still have issues with UK locations which is beyond our control, so do experiment with your location information.

Neither email addresses or website links (urls) are allowed in ANY other field than the ones indicated.

Remember that some fields are optional so it is not necessary to complete them all, especially if you work from home and do not wish this information to be publicly displayed, however, a Country, County/State/Region and City/Town MUST be provided if you want site visitors searching for a teacher in your area to find you!

Optomising your listing Description


Long Description

The long description area can contain as much information as you want including images and youtube or vimeo links. It is important to check the texxt when copying/pasting text from other programs as excess characters may cause issues with displaying in the directory.

The main text area can contain information about your teaching services, workshops, jobs available or products as well as your area of operation, style of music taught, student preference type, accreditation and fees.  It should be descriptive enough to give our visitors an insight into what you offer without being too wordy or repetitive so that they lose interest. Repeating keywords like your business name in every paragraph is NOT encouraged and is considered as ‘spamming’ to the search engines so think carefully before you write as we will review and may reject your listing.

Please note that use of the following characters is prohibited as they may cause your listing to display incorrectly:

 & ” £,$, or any other currency sign which must be entered as text i.e. £ = GBP, $ = USD etc.,


Qualified BMus Hons voice teacher offers tuition to beginners and professional singers of any age and ability.

All musical styles covered including Pop, Rock, Blues, Opera, Musical Theatre with private lessons available at my studio in London. Group classes, workshops and master classes are offered to local community groups and schools depending on your facilities and requirements.

Lessons cover breathing, technique, repertoire, vocal health, performance and are tailored to suit your voice, musical style and level of experience.

Fees: 25.00 GBP per half hour or £45.00 an hour

You may upload up to 6 images in jpg or png format. Once the images have uploaded, you may put them in order of preference. Note that the largest image should be FIRST and include a dark blank area below any logo or company text to ensure that the listing title and intro text displays correctly on the advertising banner on the front page. We recommend a square image around 300 to 600 in height and width and no more than 100 kb in weight. If you do not have a suitable image, you may select one of the backgrounds available in the media library – as long as it does not include a logo or company name as these belong to other members!

Hope this helps!
ST Admin

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