Event Listing Guidelines

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To add an event listing and related post to the site you must be registered and logged in.

To Add an Event go to the user dashboard, by clicking on your username displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen. In the dashboard left hand side column, click the Events link and select either Add Event for a one off event at one location or Recurring Events for events that recur more than once. If you have already added an event or want to use one of our example events as a guide, you may also duplicate this by selecting Events in the left hand menu, then hovering your mouse over the event and clicking the Duplicate link that appears. You may also edit an existing event by using this screen.

First add a Title – Keep it short and alphanumerical – any other characters will be removed by admin during the review process.

On the right hand side of the screen, enter the From and To date – even if this occurs on the same date. Then select the start and end time or tick the All Day box if this is an all day event.

In the main description field you may enter details about the event including artist/s names and links to their websites.

In the Where section you have the choice of ticking the ‘Event does not have a physical location’ which is only to be used by those offering a virtual service (Skype or virtual streaming lessons).

If you are hosting or running a normal event, start typing the venue name to see if it is already in the database. If not, continue to enter the venue name then enter the venue address, town, county and postcode. Use the drop down box to select the country. If the location information has been entered correctly a map will appear with a balloon indicating the venue location. You may also drag this to the correct location if it is a little off. Suggest finding the location on Google maps before entering the venue address as their system requires a certain format which if not adheared to will cause the map display to fail.

On the right hand side of the screen, you may enter short one word ‘tags’ to help visitors find you when searching or browsing the site. It is also important to select a Catagory for your event from the list displayed (auditions, competitions, conferences, demonstrations, masterclasses, workshops).

That’s it – now click the Submit for Review button and your event will be available on the site after the administrator has approved it.

Te Add Recurring Events screen differs only in that it allows you to select how often an event recurs i.e., daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

If you host or organise regular events, you may want to speed up the process by adding regular locations to the database, which will automagically appear when you type in the venue address. To do this, select Events > Locations then Add Location.

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