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Browse the Frequently Asked Questions for answers, guidelines and instructions which include information on how to register and login, accessing the user dashboard, adding, editing and deleting a listing and/or event.


To become a member of the site, click REGISTER button in the top menu and complete the form provided. An email will be sent to the address entered on registration containing a link that must be clicked to confirm and activate your account. Once registration is complete, you may login to the site.


To login to the site, click the LOGIN button in the top menu and enter your username or email address and password, then tick the box ‘I AM NOT A ROBOT’ and complete the instructions in the pop up window. Once you have selected all the images it has requested, click the VERIFY button and then click the sign in button to login which will automatically re-direct you to the USER DASHBOARD.


If you have lost or forgotten your username or password, go to the login page and click LOST PASSWORD link then enter the email address used to register for it to be sent to you. If you have changed your email address but failed to update it in your profile, please contact the administrator quoting the old address and the new one you wish it to be changed to.


When you login to the site, you are taken to the USER DASHBOARD where you can fill out your PROFILE. This is NOT required and IS NOT PUBLIC or PUBLICLY SEARCHABLE but helps the administrator to find you and your listings sections if you require help. The user dashboard is also where you can change the colour scheme, view your username, use a gravatar, change your email address, update your password and subscribe/unsubscribe to most newsletters other than important ones sent by the administrator.

From within the user dashboard, you may also Add or Edit various publicly available items i.e. Articles (referred to as Posts), Events, Recurring Events or Directory Listings. Links to Add or Edit these items are either accessible via the top or left hand navigation menu. Note that DIRECTORY LISTINGS are created and managed from the HOME PAGE – which may be accessed by clicking the small house / Singing Teachers link located on the top menu at the left hand side of your screen. You can come back to your USER DASHBOARD from any part of the site by clicking your username in the right hand top corner of the screen. You may also LOG OUT of the site by hovering mouse over your username and clicking LOG OUT from the drop down menu.

Please note that this site has been created using WORDPRESS – some sites using this system enable public viewing of member profiles, however on this site member profiles are PRIVATE and only information you post in the sections below are public.


Using a new system can often be confusing, especially when there are different sections to negotiate. This site has THREE sections which are available for teachers to use to advertise or promote their business and a REVIEW feature for you or your clients to add testimonials – each one has a different purpose and form which are explained below – note that ALL of the following are placed on hold until reviewed and approved by an administrator and may be edited at their discretion:

DIRECTORY LISTINGS: Are permanent (until you delete them) and the place to advertise your business or teacher wanted ads. You can include business details, photographs, youtube or vimeo video and reviews submitted by your clients will be displayed on your listing! The main photo from your listing along with brief synopsis taken from your description will randomly appear on the Singing Teachers Directory front page and some side columns.  Read the Directory Listings FAQ for submission guidelines and instructions.

EVENT LISTINGS: Are temporary and only display up to the date of the event after which they are automatically deleted (except for recurring events). The event section is the best place to advertise your forthcoming workshops, weekend retreats, masterclasses and other one off or recurring events which will appear in our events calendar and other sections of the site. You may include information on your event/s along with venue address which will be displayed on the map, upload a flyer or poster, include a youtube video plus a link to your listing or your personal/business website and/or ticketing site.   You may even include events that do not have a ‘physical’ venue like an online streaming masterclass which visitors may purchase tickets to via your own ticketing service!! Read the Event Listings FAQ for submission guidelines and instructions.

POSTS: Are articles – they are not designed to be used to advertise your business like a listing, but you are welcome to write an article that would be of use to the singing and teaching community which includes a link to your directory listing or website and automatically credits you as the author. Read the Article FAQ for guidelines and instructions.

REVIEWS: Are a specific type of post that can be submitted by site visitors, clients of teachers or teachers that once accepted by an administrator, will be attached to the relevant teachers Directory Listing or to an article. They are designed to enable clients of teachers to add their testimonials to the teachers listing directly by visiting the site and using the review form provided on the individual teachers page. Teachers may also add client reviews to their listing using the same form.

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