Zoran Popov School of Singing



Working by the methods that prevail among the famous schools of singing throughout the world, it would take most individuals years of hard work to achieve tangible results.

In many cases, however, improvements are usually only marginal or even completely non-existent. Therefore, I have come up with a programme that finally gives a definite answer to the problem of removing all the constraints that keep singers from expressing themselves and which gives them awareness of every syllable of the songs they sing.

Zoran Popov School of Singing is the first and only one of its kind in the world, and its programme has been widely accepted at many academies of jazz, pop, soul and ethno-folk styles in Spain, Great Britain and the US.

Although it makes no use of any form of musical notation (nor is one taught), it succeeded in attaining outstanding results even with absolute novices.

The programme is remarkably simple and accessible to anyone with a good pitch.