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Tom Bathgate is an Advanced Level Certified IVA Instructor and has been teaching voice lessons in Edinburgh for the last 8 years. As well as being a singing teacher, Tom is one of the 10 Founding Directors of the Institute for Vocal Advancement, and serves as the Chief Financial Officer and Director of Communications for the organisation.

I try to keep lessons as fun and productive as possible, as boring or lecturing lessons are counterproductive and will stop you getting the most from the lesson.

Lesson are 60 minutes long, and consist of roughly 50 minutes of vocalising/singing and then 10 minutes for chat about you and what is going on with the voice and any concerns you have. This does vary from student to student and what their needs are but this gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Each lesson is recorded and emailed to you as a MP3 so that you can listen back and practice along and track your progress. If you don’t have access to emails, a CD of your lesson can be posted first class to you.

Also a CD of scales customised to your voice will be available to you.