Welcomme Wonderland

 Private Teachers

Welcomme Wonderland is the home of new and exciting children’s songs written and produced by me, Scott Welcomme.
Discover my unique imagination as well as indulging in your opportunity to grab a world of inspiration and positivity for yourself. You deserve it!
I want you to enjoy time with your kids as part of the Welcomme Wonderland experience. I don’t just sell fun songs for kids – I offer an unforgettable musical experience. Each children’s song is completely unique, filled with memorable moments bursting to be released and shared with you!
If you are looking for kids songs to enable your child to develop their playful, imaginative personality then songs from Welcomme Wonderland are perfect for you!
Scott Welcomme is a Music Teacher at Upton Junior School and offers private lessons in Dorset as well as writing and producing songs for children.
I like lots of styles of music but my vocal strength is in Music Theatre, with 100% pass rate for exams! (UWCL/LCM)

I have enjoyed every opportunity to help start a singers journey, developing their musical talents so they feel confident to take them to the next stage to realise their full potential. I aim to work together to ignite a drive to take your vocals to the next level; nurturing healthy technique as well as producing a knock out sound you will be proud of!

I take pride in sharing my passion of singing with others and strive to inspire them to improve their own technique and sound quality. Singing lessons with me are relaxed and enjoyable. Whether you just want to perfect your style or learn vocal training from scratch. Main focuses include breath control, support, projection, song-interpretation and performance technique. I would be happy to train people for graded examinations, preparing for auditions or singing just for fun.

I am able to provide vocal tuition via Skype, if requested, but internet connection must be strong and webcam quality for picture and sound must be excellent.

For the last 10 years I have been privileged to work with some fantastic musicians of the future. Through private vocal tuition, I have been lucky enough to work with some fabulous voices, ranging from aged 7 through to 75 years! I have also taught Music and Drama to thousands of young people from many different backgrounds and cultures from aged 7 through to 18.