Vox Stars

 Voice Studios

The Vox Stars studio Edinburgh, offers bespoke one-to-one singing lessons and shall soon be introducing a variety of classes and exciting workshops.

All coaching is delivered from a First-Class Honours vocalist and performer- Lainey Vox.

At Vox Stars, we want to empower you to make the most of your voice and performance skills. Students are encouraged to embrace their own unique style and are also given the opportunity to build a diverse repertoire by experimenting with songs from various genres.

Vox Stars coaching explores a variety of Popular Music genres including Pop, Rock, Indie and Disney. To achieve performance optimisation,

Lainey Vox uses tried and tested singing techniques, a variety of anecdotal examples to help you visualise goals, demonstration and praise to guide students. Sessions will enable you to have fun, fall in love with the vocal instrument and help you reach for the stars!