VOIZE Academy of Contemporary Singing


VOIZE Academy of Contemporary Singing is the leading training centre for singers, specialized in voice development and vocal performances. VOIZE is one of the top singing centres in the region that uses Mix Voice Technique (MVT), a scientific-based and student centered teaching method to help our students achieve real results.

Under the direction of well sought-after international vocal consultant – Jeffrey Choi, VOIZE provides students with a professional world class singing lesson and training experience.

We provide a straight-forward, yet supportive coaching environment for passionate singers and speakers to truly focus on developing their voice and artistry.

We offer a range of private singing lessons, professional singing courses and singing teacher training programs to meet each of your specific needs.

VOIZE Academy of Contemporary Singing where Artists are nurtured and Stars are born.

English version of site listed in the right hand column – Chinese version of site is http://voize.hk