Voice Therapists

Voice coaching can empower you to really use your voice to become more effective in both business and life.

Through our voice coaching sessions you can learn how you stand and move affects your breathing and the way you speak.

We will work on posture and show you practical exercises to release and strengthen the breathing muscles. We will show you ways to make your voice more flexible, resonant, modulated and clear with appropriate pitch, pace, volume and energy – thus building your vocal confidence.

We offer specific workshops in the Female Voice. Women’s position in the workplace has changed, but many feel that their voice can fail them on their career path. We believe every woman can have a stronger presence and a freer voice by banishing gender stereotyping.

We also offer Accent Softening for people who feel they lack impact and authority or maybe perceive their accent is holding them back, possibly where English is not their first language.

Training is available for groups or one-to-one.

Founder┬áKate Terris trained as an actress at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and has worked in film, theatre and television successfully for over 35 years. She is Head of Voice at The Artist’s Theatre School in Ealing. She has an MA in Voice from Central School of Speech and Drama and a Licentiate in Speech and Drama plus a Certificate in Dramatherapy from the Institute of Dramatherapy.

To find out more about us, visit our website or phone to discuss your training needs.