Voice Work

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Private independent singing teachers and vocal coaches

Voice coaching teaches people how to use and care for their voice in a healthy, safe way in order to improve its effectiveness and, of course, to sound great. For some voice coaching will just be about learning to speak well in order to get through their working day without getting a sore throat at the end of it. For others voice coaching will also incorporate the performance aspects of speech and presentation. Our services cater for the needs of each individual or group that we work with.

Voice Work was founded in 2010 by Kelly Anne Sharp who has worked in a cross section of industries including sales, vocal performance, coaching and Speech and Language Therapy. She has worked with voices for over 20 years and often hear people say that they wish they could just learn how to use their voice more effectively. Whether it is for the benefit of singing, public speaking, teaching, presentations, or for use within their personal lives each one of these people can benefit from voice coaching.

Voice Work Founder: Kelly Anne Sharp

BSc (Hons) Speech Pathology & Therapy
HND Music Theatre,
MRCSLT, HCPC Reg., MBVA, Equity Member
DBS (CRB) Checked

Provides a range of voice and speech services to Business, Educational, Personal and Performance Clients.

* Private singing lessons/tuition is available for all ages, from beginners to advanced and professionals

* All genres, except Opera or heavy Rock.

* Learn to develop safe and healthy technique and how to apply this to YOUR style.

* Learn or improve your performance skills and technique

* ALL can benefit from increased confidence levels just from the sheer enjoyment singing can bring. Be that singing in your shower or on the stage!

Materials: I use a variety of materials in the lessons including CD backing tracks and I keep notes on the progress of each of my students. This enables me to help them with whatever musical direction they are taking. Additionally, I actively encourage students to build their own file of work so that they expand their repertoire and always have something they enjoy singing.

My singing students range from singers in church choirs, those interested in musical theatre to aspiring X Factor candidates! Whatever your singing requirements may be, I will do my best to help keep you on track and help you achieve your goals or greatest dreams.

Some of my students like to accompany themselves on either piano, keyboard or guitar, often switching between these and backing tracks.

Healthy Voice:
Since my background is not just in performance but also in speech and language therapy, I always give healthy voice use a high priority in the lessons. Your voice must be treated well and used properly in order to use it to its greatest ability.