Voice Studio Roel Bakkum

 Voice Studios

Founder Roel Bakkum graduated at the Amsterdam School of Performing Arts in 2010, where he received his BA in Musical Theatre and Dance. He worked as a musical performer in the musical ‘Elisabeth das Musical’ in Germany, Austria and Belgium.

The studio based in Amsterdam, offers one to one lessons in person or online via Zoom. For your online lesson we exclusively work with Zoom. Meaning that we don’t work with Skype or Facetime. The great benefits of working with Zoom is that we can schedule in a meeting enabling you to connect to our virtual teaching space before starting time. We’ll then join as well on the scheduled lesson time, minimizing the risk on loosing any time of your lesson.

In our training we mostly use the Estill Model. This model can be seen as a map of the voice. We look at function. By defining all structures of the voice and their functions we can gain great control over vocal function.

Our working principle is that everyone can learn how to use their voice efficiently. Voice is masculare, meaning that we use muscles to produce voice. These muscles give us feedback. That feedback can tell us how hard a muscles is working but also where it is located. With this information you can gain control, without being depended on sound alone. With very specific and detailed exercises we let you explore your possibilities. We often say it’s pilates for the voice.

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