Voice Over Courses

 Voice Over Training

Voice Over Courses specialise in training and directing new budding voice artists in the UK, in order to create professional sounding voice over demos/showreels. Voice over demos are essential for all voice over artists to market themselves to advertising agencies, production companies, TV and radio stations.

Courses are tutored and directed by Rod Lucas with over 30 years broadcast experience in BBC and commercial sectors.If you feel you have got what it takes to become a voice over artist and your friends and work colleagues have often said You should be doing TV adverts and voice-overs;, then maybe they are right and you should be doing something about getting into voice-overs.

Our voice-over training is second to none.Although the rewards for using your voice in commercials and voice productions can be very lucrative, the competition is tough. However there is always room for new voices to the scene and production companies are always looking for the next fresh voice over. We will see you get the best voice over training in the UK today, with on going guidance, help and advice.The only effective way of displaying your vocal talents is through a voice over demo.

That is where we come in, we will direct and train you and record a professional sounding demo. We run voice-over training at all levels. You will find our training challenging, at times exhausting but above all satisfying. You will certainly find out whether you are cut out for being a voice-over artist.

We provide simply the best 1 to 1 voice-over training in the UK.

All courses begin at 10 am.