Private Teachers

Voice coaching and peak performance training for singers, actors, public speakers of all experience levels. Vocalwise offer unique voice coaching methods developed by Jake Boyle during 15 years as a performer, writer, producer and voice coach.

Vocalwise incorporates cutting edge learning techniques developed in the field of NLP as used by Paul McKenna. Vocalwise tutors specialise in all aspects of voice development and Peak Performance training.

Stage fright and Performance anxiety Reduction and Removal is a proven speciality of Jake Boyle, Vocalwise Director. The hugely successful Vocalwise group Voice Workout Classes are a ten hour course over 8 weeks.

They will show you how to do your own voice workout, gain more confidence and know you can really use your voice effectively and with enjoyment.

The Vocalwise course has been the doorway to many peoples singing dreams coming true. New bands, duos and solo artists have started their performing path in the Vocalwise group!

Check out the vocalwise web site for details. Feel free to call Jake Boyle to find out how Vocalwise can help you live your singing dreams.