Vocal Skills - Andy Follin


Andy is a Estill Master Trainer (EMT) – a licensed practitioner of Estill Voice Training™.  Certified EVT representatives are an elite group of teachers and coaches – internationally recognized for their extensive knowledge of the voice, and for the innovative teaching techniques they employ.

As such, Andy teaches clients in all styles and genres, from Music Theatre through Pop and Rock to Opera and Classical. He also teaches spoken voice clients and other voice teachers who are looking to improve their pedagogical knowledge of the voice and teaching singing.

Only certified teachers are permitted to teach EVT in a private studio setting. It is a qualification held by less than 100 people worldwide, and less than 20 in the UK. Andy is the only CMT currently working in the North of England.

Because the Estill Voice Model™ was developed through extensive research and based upon scientific principles, it continues to be refined as research becomes available. As such, Andy keeps himself at the forefront of modern vocal pedagogy – if you’ve heard of a singing system or method and are unsure how it works, Andy can explain it to you!

Andy is also a Director of Classical Voice Training Ltd, along with world-renowned teacher and singer Professor Janice Chapman. CVT was set up to present public courses based on Janice’s groundbreaking book ‘Singing and Teaching Singing’ and presents week long courses around the world to teachers, pedagogues and singers.

Andy is also Director of Vocal Training UK Ltd, the first Pop and Rock School to be based on the Estill model.

Although Andy works mainly with professional singers, he’s more than happy to work with serious students at all stages of their career development, to ensure they’re given the right guidance at the right time. Andy passionately believes that all singers deserve the best tuition. This especially applies if you’re fairly new to singing, but serious about your future. At this stage, it’s vitally important that you’re taught the basics – and taught them properly. Whether you want to be a lead in a musical, a front man in a band, a solo artist, an opera singer or a worship leader at your local church, singing lessons with Andy are designed to ensure that you learn at your own pace, giving you the time and freedom to discover your own voice.

Andy is a professional vocal coach, not a school teacher or piano teacher doing a few singing lessons in their spare time. Unlike a lot of voice teachers, Andy does not insist on long-term tuition, where students have to attend regular lessons, repeating the same exercises until their voice improves. You can attend as often as you like, but there’s no compulsion to attend every week or every fortnight. In fact, many students find that a singing lesson every 4 to 6 weeks suits their needs.

Estill Voice Training™ is known for producing quick results. Quite often, Andy finds that long-standing problems can be fixed in the first few lessons. At your first session, Andy will give you an assessment of your abilities and draw up a singing lesson development plan that ensures you get to where you want to be, as quickly as possible.

Andy runs his studio from St Helens, so is ideally located for students in the Liverpool, Merseyside, Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire areas. Please check out the separate pages for students from Liverpool, Merseyside, Warrington, Widnes / Runcorn, Wigan, Cheshire, Lancashire and North Wales.