Umbrian Serenades

 Summer Breaks

UMBRIAN SERENADES brings together passionate choral singers who seek opportunities to rehearse and perform exquisite a cappella repertoire, who want to brush up on their vocal, musicianship, and ensemble skills, and who enjoy all that a singing holiday abroad can offer culturally, be it wine, olive oil, cooking, language, etc.

The program began in 2006 in Umbria, Italy, where over the span of 11 summers “Serenaders” performed in the towns of Spoleto, Montefalco, Trevi, Bevagna, Spello, Assisi, Perugia, Preci, Norcia, as well as in Siena, Tuscany. In 2017 the program ventured into the province of SORIA, in the CASTILE & LEÓN region of SPAIN, performing in the towns and villages of SORIA, ALMAZÁN, and CALATAÑAZOR.

The program is now based in SORIA, SPAIN.

Non-singing travel companions are not only welcome but encouraged to join their Serenaders in our cultural tastings throughout our program!