Trish Mairet

 Private Teachers

Voice Development Positive teaching style. there is no judgment…

The goal is for you to feel comfortable and confident in the experience of self expression. All Styles Welcome. Variable schedules available

An opportunity to develop your voice and recover from inhibitions which may interfere with your ability to freely express your talents. Sessions are generally 1 1/2hr in length and cover basic voice training with the inclusion as needed of:
Creative Movement, Hypnotherapy, Creative Visualization Exercises, Intuitive Development, Conscious Awareness and Sensitivity Training.

Topics to build your Voice Include:
Diaphragmatic breathing / proper breath support
Control and endurance
Proper warm up techniques
Proper use of projection
Choose songs right for your voice
Maintain pitch – natural vibrato
Safely sing without damage to your vocal chords
Vocal registers smoothly and efficiently
Locating ranges/registers/octaves

Clarification of registers:
Chest, mid/mix and blended voice, head to falsetto registers
Best use of practice sessions
Increase power, creative expression, style development
Confidence and performance skills
Timing / tempos
Music structure for each song
Intros & endings
Stage presence
Basic music notation
Microphone technique

We will focus in on your goals and I will provide direct input for how to enhance and correct any issues that need attention.

Safe, comfortable and professional setting to work in.

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