Private Teachers

Claudia Sansoucie is an authorized teacher of Complete Vocal Technique (CVT)

Work on material that you want to sing and solve vocal issues efficiently. Gain insight into your voice, how to care for it, how to sing properly, and how to shape your own individual, artistic expression and sound. Learning should not be drudgery but insightful, encouraging, and fun.

I offer voice lessons, coaching and education to singers (all styles, and levels) and other professionals who use their voice for performing arts or business applications. I am available for private, group, and skype lessons, as well as workshops.

CVT is short for Complete Vocal Technique, a singing technique method developed by Cathrine Sadolin, a leading voice teacher and researcher in Europe. CVT is an innovative approach to teaching and understanding the voice. It offers a clear roadmap of the voice that is comprehensive and practical. It is inclusive of all styles and sounds the voice can produce and offers up-to-date insights, research and tools for singers and teachers, anyone working with vocalists, as well as professional speakers.