The Vocal Athlete

 Private Teachers

It is amazing that there can be such an improvement in my voice in such a short period of time. Founder Ana Gracey is an accomplished vocalist with years of experience in the studio both as artist and as session singer.

Ana has a real knack of getting a vocalist quickly and gently to that place where they can deliver their best performance in a short amount of time.

She moved on from her position as Head of Vocals at The Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford to direct her company, The Vocal Athlete (TVA) fulltime.

TVA is a London-based voice specialist aimed at singers of all abilities. TVA’s courses have evolved from Ana Gracey’s experience of coaching singers to perform modern music with power, intensity, passion and style, alongside skill, practiced technique and optimum vocal health.

TVAs teaching is based on the latest vocal research with use of Estill Theory: We empower our students to ultimately become their own tutor with a working understanding of their voice that gives them a real sense of freedom and of their own vocal potential.

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