The Piano Cabin

 Private Teachers

Dave Cooke, GNCM; Dip Ed. Vocal coaching, including learning, routining, and rehearsing new and untried songs. Transcriptions as required; arrangements as required; specialised tailor made backing tracks as required, not karaoke or off the shelf midi files. Many years experience as top-line versatile pianist and keyboards now being put to good use as consultant and coach.

Heather Simmons is a professional jazz singer/composer who has performed internationally in top venues. She hasĀ 10 years experience as a vocal coach having studied with the president of The British Voice Association, Speech-Level singing in New York and various independent vocal coaches.

Dave and Heather teach from The Piano Cabin either jointly or separately depending on the needs of the pupil. All ages, abilities and styles are welcome. Pupils will learn on a grand piano from teachers who are professional working and qualified musicians. The benefits of Heather and Dave working as a team are for example, Dave can accompany singing pupils whilst Heather coaches for no extra cost. Also Heather has experience teaching young pupils until they are ready to progress to higher grades.