The Confident Voice

 Private Teachers

Voice Coaching for Singers and Communicators.

Hello, I am Cilica, Voice Technician and Coach with 30 years experience working with professional and amateur singers, vocalists and communicators.

I work through Skype with dedicated students who want to excel.

I help students shine through a holistic approach to the voice by offering insights into themselves, their voices and their lives. I incorporate yoga therapy, meditation and mindfulness into teaching.

Singing, Communicating and Acting are part of who we are. The voice is a powerful medium to communicate feelings and desires.

Singers, Choirs and Groups:
Vocal Techniques, Emotional Balance, Energy, Projection, Body Alignment, Vocal Stability and Care, and more.

Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Vocal Techniques, Mindfulness, Content, Body Health and Awareness, Emotional Balance and more

Specialty: Transgender

The Confident Voice Six Day Vocal and Communications Intensives began in 2006 as a way for singers and communicators to hone their craft to a higher level, faster. The intensives are offered in the UK and Canada.