Talena Cuthbert

 Private Teachers

Talena Cuthbert BA(hons) is a specialist providing vocalists with the techniques required for powerful and extreme vocals. From the genres of Pop and RnB to Rock and Metal, Talena will give you the skills needed to belt like a pop diva or growl like a metal king.

Whether you are a beginner looking to train to enter this demanding field or are a professional wanting to improve your technique, Talena can offer one to one tuition to suit your specific needs. Lessons cover vocal, stage and mic techniques as well as vocal stamina for touring and studio work. Group lessons available for up to 4 children between 4 and 12 years old.

Talena believes that vocalists wanting a power voice should get the training needed for these extreme vocal styles. She has been a vocalist for Manchester-based metal band Gone Til Winter, has been performing within these genres for many years and after becoming a singing teacher discovered that there are few resources for extreme vocalists.

All lessons are designed and tailored to suit the specific needs of each client. To get the best out of lessons, we will first have a 45 min consultation where we will establish your needs and develop a program suitable for what you want to achieve. Talena can also offer telephone or skype sessions upon request, please contact for more information. All lessons take place in Talena’s friendly home music room & have a relaxed, informal feel.

MU Member
DBS Certificate

More about me I have a son named Ethan, for whom I revolve my life around. My husband, Paul, also works from home, making and repairing guitars as well as making guitar cabs. He is in Manchester Metal band Spires so we are both busy touring and recording a lot of the time. My lifelong passion is music and I love to teach singing…it is a big part of my world!