Steven A Williams

 Music Theory and Songwriting

Steven A Williams is a prominent music producer in London who has a working experience of almost twenty years in the music industry. Stevens extreme dedication and extraordinary music talent have made him the The King of Music today. Giving music in films like Crossroads, From Hell, The Shooting Fish or working with artists like Britney Spears, Eric Clapton, Lisa Stansfield, Stevens versatile music talent has touched all the heights of success and glory within a very less time. In the year 2004, Steven had opened his own music studio in U.K and he named it as The Chapel Studios.

Steven A Williams is U.Ks top music producer. He is a multi-talented music personality who knows well about music production, music compositions, sound mixing, songwriting and even technical do or donts about various music instruments. He began his musical career at just the age of nine when he started learning to play piano and drums. He had also studied music at one of the most prestigious music schools in U.K. With the rise of nineties era, Stevens music career had witnessed a major turn and he becomes a music director.

Stevens extraordinary music talent had led him to open his own music studio in the year 2003, known as The Chapel Studios.

Steven can work in almost all genres of music including pop, classical, hip hop, contemporary and so on. Passion and dedication are two of the most important traits of Steven A Williams which helped him in completing a successful musical journey of long twenty years in the Hollywood music industry.

He has the knowledge of almost all genres of music like pop, hip hop, jazz, rock, classical, contemporary and so on. Steven is Hollywoods top rated music producer who has a vast working experience in the films, non-film music, tv adverts and radio jingles. He had also worked with Britney Spears, Lisa Stansfield, Eric Clapton, Kim Appleby and much more.

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