Private Teachers

Do you wish you had more confidence when performing / auditioning?

Would you like more consistency throughout your singing range?

Do you wish you could just get up there and sing?

If you are like most amateur musical theatre or pop performers, you love what you do; you also probably wish you had more confidence and access to techniques that would improve your performance.

My name is Liz Balmford and I help people deliver their best performance, so if you are a musical theatre performer (actor, singer or dancer aged ten to 100), I can help you get more out of what you do and help you become more confident.

Whether it is for an audition, musical, concert or play, I can help you:
Improve your vocal technique
Improve your visual delivery
Improve your performance mindset
Improve your personal presence

I am passionate about quality theatre. I believe ALL theatre can be magical, moving, inspirational and life-enhancing for performers and audience and I am on a one-woman mission to transform performers into their best version of themselves to achieve this.

I believe vocal technique is the foundation of a good performance. I also believe it is crucial that body language, personal presence and delivery are appropriate for the lyrics and context of the song. A great performance is so much more than a great vocalĀ  for me it is the whole package, so expressing the drama of the piece is more important than delivering a perfect vocal… although being able to do both is nice!

Most of all I believe in the healing power of music and performance and I am perpetually in awe of their ability to facilitate growth, build confidence and bring joy.

Please visit my website for further information or to contact me about coaching.