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Schnurman Voice Studio has been the leading and premier school in Central New Jersey to learn to sing, since 1989.

Steven Schnurman, the founder and lead teacher, received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music from the world renowned Juilliard School, in Lincoln Center, New York.

While at Juilliard, Steven learned comprehensive vocal technique from one of the greatest teachers of her day, Beverley Johnson, who taught many professional operatic and Broadway singers.

In his decades of teaching, Steven has further honed this technique, making it his own by bringing it to new levels of excellence.

Schnurman teaches amateurs and professionals alike to sing confidently and securely.

Opera singers and students, as well as aspiring singers of all types of music, from rock to classical, who desire to really learn what they need to grow into their potential and beyond, can greatly benefit from this technique.

The vocal technique that students learn is marked by honesty and clarity in vocal production.

Students will find vocal difficulties met by Steven’s precise problem-solving abilities, which sets him apart from the typical voice teacher.

At the Schnurman Voice Studio, you don’t simply “sing through” music, never really learning to sing, but you “grow through” music as you can really quantify your progress from week to week.

The student truly comes to learn to sing confidently and with understanding in a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

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