Sacha Heath

 Private Teachers

Find your real voice!

Would you like to feel the benefits of singing with ease, finesse and confidence?

I offer fun, relaxed, powerful lessons that teach you how to use correct vocal technique to transform your voice, whether you are a total beginner or a professional.

I am a certified vocal technique instructor, with many years experience as a professional singer songwriter. The lessons are held over the internet via Skype or at our B&B home in Corfu where you are welcome to combine life coaching, singing and yoga lessons with a holiday or on one of our popular yoga and massage retreats.

The singing lessons are worked around your needs and your starting place. You will be taught one-to-one so you will have my undivided attention for all the time we are together. We can work at whatever pace you need.

We will usually spend part of the lesson working on specific exercises to balance your voice, (help with pitch, range, and strength of tone as necessary.) The rest of the lesson we can spend working on a song that you have chosen and brought with you (usually brought on mp3 player). We can iron out any difficult notes or phrases, and focus on vocal coaching techniques to get the performance sounding expressive and powerful.

All the lessons are recorded and can be sent to you via email, so you can practice along at home and hear the progress you are making.

The vocal technique I teach is based on using knowledge of the anatomy of the voice to produce a strong, tuneful, connected sound. We work to encourage the correct function of the vocal cords, diaphragm and resonance placement. It is suitable for any level of singer and can be applied across all genres of music.