Russell Matthews

 Private Teachers

I have been teaching since 2002 and have worked with a very wide range of students; from interested amateurs, to those who aspire to take on further study at music college.

I have worked with students at the University of Portsmouth; and have been course tutor for Bedfordshire Youth Opera.

A free voice is one which enables the singer simply to express themselves musically. This is the one aim of technical study; and nothing to be afraid of. Whatever the style of singing, the fundamentals of healthy vocal production remain the same – get the basics right and everything else will follow.

I am currently based in South-West London but teach at The Music Studios in Marylebone or I can come and teach at your home if you have a piano or keyboard and a suitable room.

Whether you sing in an amateur opera company, choral society or the bath, the voice may be helped to work more efficiently, a good thing for all concerned.

I may be contacted through my website or email.