Roger Kain

 Books and CDs

ROGER KAIN : specialist in rock, indie and pop vocals; and in voice production for actors

Former vocal tutor at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), Guildford

First Head of Vocals at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM)

Voice tutor at various drama schools


Author of these BOOKS

The Complete Vocal Workout
A step-by-step guide to tough vocals (SMT), with two CDs.
This is the most recommended of my books, as it contains exercises for every vocal problem a rock or pop singer is likely to encounter: from screaming and death metal to pretty boy and girl band sounds. The exercises are fully notated; but you do not need to be able to read music as the exercises are on the CDs (90mins). Adapted from a syllabus Kain originally devised for the Academy of Contemporary Music, and extended at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music.

XTreme Vocals (SMT), with one CD
This is a shorter book, aimed at teenagers taking their first steps in rock singing. The exercises are notated, but the CD is completely explanatory. Through his characters, Harmony and Clash, Kain guides you through a ten lesson program, covering everything from vibrato and how to project your voice to mastering rock techniques, It comes fully equipped with a CD loaded with examples and “how to’s”, a look at ten successful rock artists, and a glossary of terms used in the lessons. This book is for anyone who wants to skip the theory and jump right into making music.

Basic Vocal Workout (SMT), no CD
This is a pocket-sized book. You need to be able to read music for this one, as there is no CD with it. The Tough Vocals Method is about opening up the full range, both high and low notes. Do not believe all the feeble teachers who say you cannot sing both high and low – you can. All the great hard rock and heavy metal singers have proved that – and most of them are still around. The evidence is overwhelming. If you want your voice to be reliable, you need to exercise more of it than you actually use in numbers. That way you can choose what singing style you want – and change it when you want to re-invent yourself.

Roger Kain is a trained singer who has appeared on stage and screen as both actor and singer; and has fronted a number of bands. He has taught in several colleges of performing arts, most notably at:

Kain’s career divides neatly into two sections: twenty years of performing; twenty-one years as full-time teacher and writer. To date he has sold over 25,000 books on singing. 

Roger Kain sadly passed away on 22 July 2011 after a short but intense battle with cancer. He was an amazing teacher who was devoted to his students to the very last days. You may find information about him on his website, facebook page and instruction in his books.