Rhythm Time

 Under 5

RHYTHM TIME is so much more than just a sing-a-long. It offers quality music classes for children under 5.

It is a well thought out musical experience which makes the most of your child’s innate musical ability and uses lots of exciting songs and activities to help develop your child’s language and co-ordination.

Three age appropriate courses.

The baby class (0 to 15 months) awakens baby’s senses through music and movement.

The toddler class (15 months to 3 years) develops their rhythmic and listening senses, encourages them to sing in tune and develops their sense of pulse through percussion playing.

The pre-school class (3 to 5 years) prepares the child for playing a musical instrument at a later date using musical signs and symbols, developing an awareness of various instruments, and interpreting different styles of music.

The courses have been written by an experienced music teacher who studied at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music.

Classes are held in various locations nationwide – visit the site to find one in your area.