Real Proper Singing Lessons

 Private Teachers

Teacher Yvette Atienza is a pioneer in the Singapore Music Scene and highly-regarded as  a pioneer in the Singapore Vocal  Jazz Scene, not only in Singapore, but  also in Southeast Asia, especially with regards to Latin Jazz, Swing and improvised Jazz Vocals.

She has been singing professionally for 30 years since the 80s until the present, and has amassed massive experience performing and recording with numerous well-known international artistes, theatre musicals and local Singapore bands.

Incredibly versatile, aside from jazz, she has sang classical music, pop, rock, musical theatre,  even country music, and is able to sing in seven languages, namely English, Spanish, Filipino, Italian, Portuguese,  Malay and even Chinese standards!

With a Trinity Guildhall Singing Performance Diploma, and participating in musical theatre productions in Manila and Singapore, she has been teaching Singing and Beginner Piano for 15 years to date in her own private studio and various music schools and international schools in Singapore – Verve Music and Dance School, Yamaha Music School, United World College, German European School Singapore, Australian International School, Canadian International School,  to name a few.

Teaching kids as young as six years old to adults 60 years old, she can teach you to become a singing professional or prepare you for Trinity or ABRSM Singing Exams, or even if you just want  to sing for leisure.

REAL PROPER Singing lessons should first teach you the proper way/technique to breathe to deliver the correct sound production and notes – not from the throat or nose – but from the DIAPHRAGM!

Your teacher cannot just let you start singing without checking if your voice is in the proper placement – whether you are too throaty or nasal – or you might even be already singing/breathing from the diaphragm, but just not deep enough!

Even if you have the desire and passion to sing, if your sound is coming from strange wrong places in your body, then you are singing incorrectly, and probably even in a way that’s harmful to your throat and health!


A proper singing teacher should also teach you the rudiments of music –the human voice is an instrument, and whatever you are singing, there are the corresponding notes to it. You should learn the notes to what you are singing!! DO NOT SING LIKE A PARROT, JUST MIMICKING SOUNDS, and NOT EVEN KNOWING WHAT YOUR KEY IS OR WHAT NOTES YOU ARE SINGING!

If you have aural problems, e.g, your pitch is always off, flat, sharp, aside from the correct breathing techniques, this is usually corrected by the correct mouth shape of vowels and learning to play with an instrument – in my course, I use a piano/keyboard or guitar. You will learn how to find out from a piano or guitar if you are out of tune or not.

So, in addition to proper breathing and pitching techniques, you will be taught how to know the keys to your songs, to sightsing, to count in the different time signatures, the different genres of music, etc. You can choose whatever song genre you want to sing in – be it pop, jazz, blues, theatre and classical.


All of the above should be taught by a teacher who can accompany you on the piano or guitar, NOT using instrumental tracks/karaoke. Teachers who teach singing using instrumental tracks because they are not able read and play.

Lessons available on Tuesdays to Fridays at Verve Music and Dance School and on Saturdays and Sundays at Tanglin CC Community Centre, Singapore.