Ray Gibson

 Private Teachers

Singing in a foreign language is tough, and creating good songs and lyrics in a language you were not born with is even harder.

Ray Gibson is a native English singer, songwriter and painter. He has recorded with THE ROADS – winners of the prestigious RGM Live Space competition 2009.

The Ray Gibson LIVE show is a feast of sound; thumping British rock tunes with anthemic choruses sit beside heartfelt ballads.

He is working to support non-native speakers to create or perform music in English here or abroad.

Working on a one-to-one basis, or with your band, Rays coaching includes:
English pronunciation tricks
Singing practice and improvement with well known English music
Coaching with your own materials
The use of American versus British English
Good English lyrics writing
Rhyming patterns and improvement
Developing and editing your own materials
Real-time coaching during recording or live sessions

Please write directly for prices and schedules.