Phil Best

 Private Teachers

Phil Best : Singing Teacher, Voice Coach, Accompanist & Performance Coach

I have been providing singing lessons and vocal coaching for over 2 decades and have developed a powerful and innovative model for training vocal musicianship.

My approach to singing teaching is first to train the student to release their natural voice, by opening the space in the vocal tract in a way that suits your particular voice type and to support the freely resonating tone with energised breath from the body.

This provides a healthy voice with a natural expressive quality, strength, stamina, flexibility and an excellent vocal range in terms of pitch and dynamics. In this natural, released state, the voice can easily reach high notes without strain and is capable of a full range of dynamics from the strongest belt to gentle soft tones.

We also work on vocal musicianship to gain excellent rhythm skills and tonal awareness, developing sought-after skills such as sight-singing and improvisation of melodies and harmonies.

I am equally happy training voices for classical, jazz and pop/rock styles of music.

We can study for ABSRM examinations, if desired.

As well as giving voice lessons, I also work as an accompanist-coach/repetiteur and have many years’ experience working with singers and instrumentalists of all types to develop their performance, presentation and communication skills and stage confidence.

I am particularly interested in drawing out a musician’s authenticity, sensitivity and unique, natural musical personality. To do this I focus on rhythm, vocal or physical freedom and accessing a state of flow – a peak performance state of mental focus.

I also coach people to attain an optimal performance state, in many other areas such as business and education, to improve their presentation skills and general creativity/productivity.