Olivia Hyde

 Private Teachers

In my lessons you will start to see your voice for the amazing instrument it is and start to see it as a gift.

Here are the areas in which every student will generally be taught.

Technique : Learn how to:
Use your voice as an instrument
Increase the power and range of your chest voice and head voice
Remove breaks in the voice
Place the voice to create different tones
Belt, distort and scream safely
Breathe correctly
Support the voice

Learn how to:
Approach a song
Make a song interesting to listen to
Interpret a song from an aesthetical and emotional point of view
Sing like an artist and musician rather than just a singer

Performance : Learn how to:
Interpret a song visually
Use a microphone
Develop confidence onstage

Forget what you think you know about singing. You will be amazed at how revolutionary new techniques contradict traditional methods.

Your first lesson will be a thorough assessment of your voice and then, together, we will put together a series of lesson plans which will transform your skills.

I also run one day group workshops in singing and performance plus short 8 week courses in Vocal Techniques and Performance.

Visit my website and facebook page for further information and course dates.