OBRAS Centre for Art and Science


The headquarters of Foundation OBRAS is in Portugal. Most activities take place there. It is managed by Carolien van der Laan and Ludger van der Eerden.  Since 2010 OBRAS has an auxiliary establishment in Renkum, Holland, for which Josien Jongejan is local host.  For information on OBRAS-Holland you can also contact OBRAS-Portugal.

We aim to provide an atmosphere for inspiration and effective working. The focus is on residencies for (emerging) professional artists. Disciplines include visual art, music, dance, and writing. Occasionally exhibitions, concerts and site-specific performances are organized.

Most activities take place in a rural area of Portugal, in a carefully renovated quinta with eight apartments, two cottages and five artists’ studios. The region is full of culture and history, and the nature is inviting and mysterious. The weather is warm in summer (with cool, starry nights) and mild in winter.

In Holland OBRAS has an auxiliary establishment: a beautiful mansion with place for two artists, in a village surrounded by nature and with good connections to bigger cities.

Visit the website for event information.