North Lanarkshire Music School


The North Lanarkshire Music School welcomes students of all ages and experience levels!

About our lessons:

All lessons are one-on-one lessons, because we believe in giving each student the full attention she or he deserves, and are committed to not only teach our students, but also to mentor them as singers if this should be desired.

What do we offer:

The North Lanarkshire Music School teaches Singing, Piano and Music Theory.

We teach a singing technique that allows for your voice to develop in a natural, unforced and healthy way. A strong and beautiful voice does not come from applying power, but from freeing your voice and from allowing it to grow smoothly into the instrument it is meant to be.

It is very important for us that your voice would keep its very individual sound. Every voice is unique, and when you sing, your voice should shine in its own, individual colours, and we will be happy and proud to help you achieve this.

We teach singing styles of all musical eras, from Classical/ Opera (including language training) to Rock, Pop, Musical, Folk, Jazz and Blues.

We furthermore offer a thorough preparation for ABRSM exams for all Grades (1-8).

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We are looking forward to hearing from you!