Nicola Knight

 Private Teachers

Private independent singing teachers and vocal coaches

Have you always wanted to sing for fun or advance your singing techniques? Then get in contact and start your training today!

Over the years I have gained a high level of experience in the music industry, and worked all over the UK with many people as a professional vocalist as well as teaching 1:1 singing lessons. I am very well versed in all the techniques used in todays contemporary singing styles – pop, rock, soul, jazz and urban – and have a good understanding of melodies and harmonies.

I have also gained much experience in the techniques singers use for live performance and recording, and have myself recorded in some of the top studios in London. I can offer not only vocal techniques but give appropriate advice and guidance from a point of experience to singers, whether they feel a career in the music industry is for them or they are just looking to sing for enjoyment.

I also have experience in Vocal development, Session Styles, Pre-Production, Post-Production, Business Studies, Theory and Applied Harmony