Nick Andrews


Guitar Lessons and Tuition for either Electric or Acoustic Guitar, Music Theory and Ear Training. Relaxed effective one to one teaching at Colchester in North Essex.

Whether you are starting out as a beginner ; looking to develop your playing and unlock your true potential, or working towards a professional level of playing, receiving the right info and elements for your aims is essential.

These elements develop in parallel. Lessons tailored for your individual needs, with sufficient practice will provide positive vertical progression. As a graduate of the London Music School, and member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors, Nicks teaching experience includes:

Harmony and Theory
Ear Training
Scales / Modes and Improvisation
Rhythm Development and Displacement
Chord Construction / Fingerboard Harmony
Fingerboard Knowledge using the 5 Form system
Developing an effective practice schedule for the individual
Reading Transcribing Songs & Solos by Ear
Songwriting and Composition
Performance Skills / Effects – Engineering your Sound

Whatever your background / style / influences.

Whatever you are looking to achieve.