Natural Voice Manchester

 Private Teachers

Lucy Dexter teaches privately from her home in central Manchester from her music room. She has taught complete beginners of all ages struggling with basic confidence to students who have gone on to study at the country’s leading Acting conservatoires and Musical theatre colleges.

Finding your natural voice unique to you is the most basic and important of stages in vocal and singing lessons. Helping to alleviate vocal strains and habits and putting the importance on good strong technique, and the movement of the breath in the body, this is all so vital to good vocal health and enjoyable, effortless singing.

Using techniques drawn from her own Drama school training in Voice, her training with some of the leading Singing teachers in the country and over 10 years professional performance experience. Lucy has developed a series of exercises that she will pass on to you to help your voice, body, posture and performance skills.

Performance / Acting through song, textual and musical work, is also a major part of becoming a well rounded singer, and helping you to realise how performing aids singing and how the singing aids the performance, only then can you work towards becoming that complete performer.

Lucy will take singers from the ages of 11+ and there is no upper limit.

Ever felt disjointed or disconnected when your on stage, in a scene, reading a script, or any text for that matter?

Acting takes focus and an ability to connect your mind to your body. Our focus in these sessions start with connecting your body to the voice and realising how the voice becomes the vehicle for the movement of free emotion in acting.

Working on a wide range of exercises and text, be it scripts or poetry to help aid this development and release everyday tensions that we build up ourselves in the body that prevent that free movement. We can then start to break down characters and scenes into finding through lines, units and emotional recall.