Mike Evans

 Stringed Instruments

Suzuki Violin TeacherIn 25 years involvement in teaching, Mike has encountered pupils of all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens.

Aspirations vary widely – from absolute beginners through those who play for their own pleasure to students who are making a serious study of the instrument.

From 1984 Mike was a close observer of the Suzuki Method in action as a parent, supporting his three children as they learned to play. (Now young adults, music plays an integral part in their lives).

Aware of the invaluable support the method gave his own children, in 2001 Mike began the training course offered by the British Suzuki Institute and implements the method in his teaching.

Teaching Approach
The instrumental tutor is the earliest and most seminal influence in the musical development of the next generation of young adults. Above all, Mike hopes that through his teaching he can foster in children a heightened critical awareness of the broader world of music, as well as the ability to carry a tune on their chosen instrument.

An Eclectic Musician
On leaving school in 1969, Mike embarked on a performing career in music – touring, recording and broadcasting extensively in the UK and Europe, embracing many disparate fields of music from folk through rock to jazz as well as mainstream classical forms. With such eclectic experience, he is keen to promote equal awareness and respect for all types of music among aspiring musicians, whatever their musical background or credo.

Since graduating in 1980 with a 1st Class Honours degree in music, he has combined performance – from fiddle tunes to violin concertos – with the teaching of the violin.