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You still have a break in your voice? still cannot sing those high notes with Ease and Power? or your voice gets tired after singing or speaking?

You should try Speech Level Singing (SLS) and FEEL the difference.

Miguel Manzo was born in Mexico. He moved to Europe where he completed a Degree in Music. He has travelled through Europe and America attending extensive seminars and masterclasses on human voice mechanisms.

He continues to add to his professional development, with regular supervision from Top Vocal instructors within the music industry. He is an accredited member of Speech Level Singing tm International, as a latin american qualified instructor.

Miguel brings all the knowledge of a solid musical training and the experience of a professional musician. Some people are natural born singers. Some others have to work for it. Building my voice its been a result of study, research, practise and the exploration of many different singing methods.

My experience has faced me with a range of vocal difficulties and given me several teaching tools. Therefore, it is easy to empathize with my students and quickly try to find a solution to their problems.

The lessons will teach the student how to sing with a strong, flexible and connected voice from bottom to top in any style. As one of the Speech Level Singing TM Instructors in Barcelona, I can assure you will learn the best technique that is around. Miguel Manzo



Clases de canto con Miguel Manzo el primer mexicano certificado por Seth Riggs para enseñar Speech Level Singing ™ (SLS).

Es el único profesor representante acreditado radicado en España. Ha sido el instructor de técnica vocal en la academia de Operación Triunfo en España en 2008 & 2009 y en Argentina en 2009.

Si estás buscando una solución para tu voz cuyos efectos puedas escuchar y sentir desde la primera lección, ¡estás en el lugar correcto!

Miguel Manzo evaluará tus necesidades vocales de una forma rápida y sencilla e inmediatamente diseñará un plan con los ejercicios precisos que tu voz requiere para hacerla más fuerte, más saludable y equilibrada.

Actualmente realiza clases de canto en Barcelona, tanto presenciales como online a cualquier parte del mundo a través de Skype y teléfono.

Para más información sobre clases de canto en Barcelona con Miguel Manzo visita la web.