Melissa Peda

 Private Teachers

The vocal chords are like any other muscle in the body. To gain power and strenghth they must be worked daily with proper exercises.

Learning from Vocalist Victor Fuchs, Igor Gorin developed a fine method of singing which he passed down to other vocalists. He continued his opera career and also taught lessons while at the University of Arizona. An intense program, he only took serious students that were willing to be patient while the process was taking place. He passed this technique onto his prime student John Merwin who went on to be a very successful opera singer.

The Belcanto technique is one which emphasizes building the muscles of the vocal chords slowly. The chords are very sensitive muscles, which if, not trained properly, can easily be damaged. With proper training though, this worry is no longer neccessary. Belcanto focus on the 3 registers of the voice; the upper, middle and lower. Also known as the head and chest voice. Students are taught how to blend these 3 registers.

Melissa has a BA from Arizona State University, studied under John Merwin for 10 years, taught at Belcanto in Arizona, continues to study with top vocal instructors & continues her career as a recording artist.