Maya Sapone

 Private Teachers

Italian Soprano Maya Sapone is a committed opera singer and singing teacher.

She coaches privately and leads workshops in schools, corporations in England and abroad.

As the key focus of her work Maya uses the art of improvisation as powerful technique to loose inhibitions and overcome any fear of singing or speaking in front of people; improvisation promotes creativity, self-discovery and increases self-belief.

Maya also performs as a soloist in recitals, chamber music concerts and in operas across the UK and abroad.

She is a specialist in contemporary and avant-garde music.

Free your natural voice and become a confident singer!
Singing Lessons available for Children and Adults who would like to develop and enjoy their unique voices as well as expanding their potentials.
All lessons are tailored to suit different needs.
All musical styles from Classical to Modern are welcome.
Italian Repertoire and Italian Diction is also available.

Lessons will focus on:
Stretching, Posture, Breathing, Vocalisation, Tone Placement, Projection, Support, Phrasing, Articulation, Repertoire, Communication, Style and Interpretation.

Public Speakers
Train your voices using Singers Voice Technique for an effective presentation:
Develop vocal stamina and preserve from vocal fatigue.
Learn how to breathe, to relax and overcome fear of speaking in front of an audience
Avoid monotone speeches and maintain the listeners attention.
Strengthen communication skills.
Use imagination, improve confidence and boost self-belief.