Matt Richardson

 Private Teachers

Matt Richardson BA Hons MA FISM is a Piano Teacher, Singing Teacher, Music Theory Teacher, Musician, and Composer based in Whiteshill, north of Stroud, in Gloucestershire. A pianist and singer, he gained his BA (Hons) in Music in 1999, and in 2000 continued his studies to achieve an MA in Composition, from Kingston University.

Matts aim in singing tuition is to provide a sound foundation for singing all musical styles. Students will learn to produce a beautiful, steady tone by learning to breathe with their core and giving support to the voice by correct use of the abdominal muscles. The emphasis is always on natural and unforced voice production.

Whilst the importance of good technical training forms an essential foundation of my teaching, this is never at the expense of realising the sheer enjoyment and pleasure of singing, and of learning to use one’s voice effectively.