Mandy Bell

 Private Teachers

As a singer with over thirty years experience in recording and live performance, including TV (Jules holland, TOTP) Recording with top artistes such as Pulp, Mike and the Mechanics, INXS and many others plus songwriting and leading a rock band, I am excited to be able to share my knowledge of vocal production and performance techniques with singers of all levels.

I employ a holistic approach, addressing every aspect of a singer’s performance from the technical practicalities of getting the sound you want, safely, to accessing the creativity and expression necessary to fulfil your potential as a performer in any context.

I believe that singing is a healthy and wonderful way for everyone to explore and often make surprising discoveries about themselves through the uncovering of their natural voice.

I specialise in those who may, up until now, have been too nervous to even begin their dream.

I believe that singing is for everyone and it’s easier than you think to make a start!