Lori Joachim Fredrics

 Private Teachers

Lori Joachim Fredrics has maintained a private voice studio for over 20 years, as well as at William Paterson University of New Jersey, Texas A&M University, University of Texas, Brown University and Kingston University of London.

Lessons are customised to meet the unique interests and needs of each student

Ms Fredrics highly developed ear and years of experience makes her a voice teacher who can accurately evaluate your singing, diagnose any problems and help you improve your singing.

Aspiring singers, veterans desiring re-training and beginners all study at the Lori Joachim Fredrics Voice Studio.

Whether you are preparing an exam, auditioning for a conservatory, getting ready to go into the studio to record your album, auditioning for an agent, desiring to be a better member of your choir or just wanting to become a decent singer, you are welcome.

The technique taught at the studio is based on the principles of traditional bel canto-Italian for beautiful singing. This technique promotes a healthy, vibrant flexible voice.

Singers wishing to achieve a resonant tone supported on the breath will find these techniques helpful in reaching these goals. Although Ms. Fredrics is teaches cross-genre, she is able to teach aspiring opera singers on the highest level possible.

Lori has a special interest in jazz and is able to assist classical singers in singing this style without strain and in an idiomatic fashion. She is able to help jazz singers gain technique without interfering in their style.